The Facebook Group

How Can I join the FACEBOOK group?

Once you have enrolled we will send a Facebook invitation to join the group.

The Course

When Will The Next Modules Be Released?

Please refer to the programme schedule, containing commencement dates for each module, provided in your welcome email prior to the Online Programme commencement date.

When will content be available?

Programme content will be delivered and ‘unlocked’ as per the schedule provided. Once a lesson and/or module is completed by the user, they will have access to this material for the lifetime of

Coaching Call Schedule

When are the Coaching Calls scheduled for?

Group coaching calls will be indicated on the programme schedule under the ‘week’ they are due to take place.
Further communication will be issued by email indicating the specific date, time and logon details for the group coaching calls. 3-5 days notice will be given in advance of group coaching calls and reminders will be sent.

Instalment Plan

When should I expect the second instalment to be charged for my membership?

If you enroled with the Instalment plan, you should expect to be automatically charged the second instalment 4 weeks after the date of your enrolment.



All invoices will be emailed to you each after payment(s). If you would like to request an older invoice please contact us.